Mario Cee

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Mario Cee, the man behind the new record label Kronologik, has been a familiar face on the London underground dance scene for many years. Artist, producer, remix engineer and DJ, Mario's career begun in London warehouses as a DJ playing out jungle, drum'n bass or breakbeat. This then led to his immersion in the underground garage scene for several years during which he had a couple of residencies at London clubs including Covent Gardens Club Ventura.


  1. Earth with II Suns


Having covered most of the urban dance genres as a DJ, he then moved into the recording studios as a sound engineer assisting dance acts and chart toppers such as Leftfield, Peter Andre, Shola Ama and Dread Zone amongst others. Contacts here led him to Chrysalis Records where he started remixing. The remix work that followed caught the attention of Robert Trunz, head of MELT record label and pioneer of the world fusion genre.

Mario then moved to MELT where he was signed to record his debut album. This resulted in the release of Earth with II Suns, a project composed, written and produced by Mario that blends a variety of styles from around the world with urban beatz and breakz. Moving from trip hop to hip hop, old skool to drum'n'bass this album fused the beats of the London underground with sounds and styles from around the globe to produce a progressive and original sound.

Other work with MELT included a number of remix projects as well as production work with a number of the South African artists signed to the label. He collaborated with percussive maestros Amampondo and Mabi Thobejane, South African diva Busi Mhlongo and the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert, all of which gave him a feel for organic rhythms and global musical styles.

Having delved into the traditional sounds of Southern Africa he then moved on to explore the more modern sounds coming out of the cities on the continent namely kwaito - South Africa's take on hip hop. This journey began with remixing one of the best selling singles by Mandoza. Similar work followed with Shana and General and resulted in his co-production work with Gabi Le Roux, South Africa's leading pop producer. He was then invited to DJ at a number of South Africas international musical festivals.

Mario's journey thru the musical landscape of Southern Africa reawakened an intrigue in his own culture. Born into a Cypriot family in North London he began to explore the traditional rhythms of Greece and the Middle East. Disappointed with the majority of modern sounds from this region he started sampling the more classic styles of his heritage and fusing them with the urban beatz and breakz that he is renowned for.

With a touch of musical alchemy, Mario has fused contemporary urban rhythms with traditional Greek and Middle Eastern melodies to produce laid back global grooves with a Mediterranean flair.The result is a new wave of ethnic urban underground with its feet firmly rooted in Greek and Mediterranean turf. This sound is being championed by Mario's record label Kronologik . Kronologik is all about breaking boundaries, culturally and geographically, blending styles from around the world, marrying the old with the new.