Fourth World

Airto Moreira - perc/drums/vocal Flora Purim - vocal Jose Neto - guitar

featuring during a decade of live performances and recordings great  artists like Gary Meek -sax/keyboards, Gary Brown - bass, Luis Avellar - sax, Widor Santiago - keyboards Giovanni Hidalgo - congas Krishna Booker - beat box/vocals/programming and Flora's daughter Diana Booker - vocals

There are strong spiritual links between Africa and Brazil which enabled this amazing group of musicians then working as Fourth World to undertake the long haul to South Africa tand o become the first Brazilian band to play in this country on the verge of major changes in 1993. Thieir sold out  performances attract a "no age" limit crowd proved that, with Fourth World, the language of music is a universal and an exhilarating celebration of life and live music. Since the early 90's Fourth World enjoyed many acclaimed World Tours  with Flora & Airto ad Jose Neto as the heads of the group often changing their line up as you can see when clicking on the various albums below.


  1. The Last Journey
  2. Encounters of The Fourth World
  3. Return Journey
  4. Live in Moscow feat. Horton, Butman & Fourth World
  5. Fourth World
  6. Live at Arts Alive Guiness Festival Johannesburg 1993 

After releasing 4 albums with Fourth World, Airto, Jose & Flora hput the finishing touches to what is the group's final statement: Last Journey to The Fourth World. The ultimate creative fruition of the band was partly produced by the prodigious Krishna Booker (The Factor) and Diana Purim-Moreira, (dB).



This album is a rollercoaster of emotion, ranging from the soft songs such as Silvia and Light As A Feather to dynamic tracks such as Capoeira Da Mente, Within Your Mind and Trip to the Fourth World and Terra Mae. Flora's tribute to the late Ronnie Scott, Little Tear, will amaze many with the sheer beauty and youth of her voice after three decades of singing. Fourth World stand on the rock-solid foundation of quality songwriting and faultless musicianship that encapsulates a gamut of styles. It encapsulates a rare stylish musicianship and a spectacular raw energy. It is music that cannot be easily defined - a new order of music that transcends all categories and creates one of its own. 'The Last Journey' is arguably the most accomplished yet last Fourth World album . It's powerful, passionate and progressive, bustling with energy and ideas.


Airto Moreira Flora Purim Jose Neto