Diana & Krishna Booker aka EYEDENTITY

Diana began her musical career in the belly of her mother, Flora Purim, touring the world with Chick Corea's Original Return to Forever. Krishna Booker's musical career took off at the young age of thirteen. He had begun to show such considerable talent and musical potential that Herbie Hancock and Wah Wah Watson (friends of the family), along with his uncle Wayne Shorter began supplying him with studio equipment to see what he could do.


  3. SEE

Their parents met and became firm friends when Airto and Flora moved to the States to pursue their musical careers. This resulted in the children becoming childhood playmates. However due to travelling and moving to the West Coast their time spent together became fewer and farther between as they grew up, and it wasn't until 1992 that they met again becoming instantly attracted to each other as adults.  Already an accomplished rapper - "Human Beatbox", he started making beats for himself and his partner Scott Febles (The DREAM), and they soon began performing at parties, benefits and events such as "the Taste of L.A." and "the Garlic Festival". In 1993 they took part in a West Coast project entitled COLLECTIVE THOUGHTS which sold locally and in Atlanta. Krishna's mc talent along with his musical talents on keyboards and percussion as well as engineering and production expertise became widely recognized. r.

Growing up on the road it wasn't long before she was dancing, singing background vocals, and playing percussion with her parents' group. At the age of 14 she started songwriting, with some of her compositions ending up in her parents' repertoire. As she matured she took her ability and experience and ventured out alone writing and singing her own material  stepping on to the hip hop scene of LA. At the age of 19 she fell in love with Krishna Booker, meeting at one of her parents Fourth World shows in which she was singing backing vocals. Before long the two realised their professional musical compatibility and in 1993 they moved in together forming a powerhouse writing and production team that the Los Angeles scene wasn't quite ready for at the time. Through their ongoing work with Flora and Airto, MELT label owner Robert Trunz noticed their unique versatility and potential. After utilising them on a few smaller projects, he requested that the duo create a project geared more towards the underground Trip Hop/Drum nÙBass scenes. Recruiting the help of long time friends The DREAM, and producer, Rashid Duke, son of pianist/producer, George Duke, the combination of their different flavors yielded something a little more 'hop than trip', infusing the scene with a new perspective. This resulted in their debut album See released on MELT internationally in May 2000. See incorporates sounds from around the world, pulled together by hip hop,trip hop and acid jazz beats. The lyrics deal with both the physical and metaphysical elements of the human condition, touching upon many aspects of life such as inner dignity and modern day spirituality. Their second album is called Perfect My Craft. In their own words, this is a challenge of self discovery for the hard core Hip Hop head and acomforting, inspiring journey for the open minded listener. Fusing the elements of Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Funk, Afro-Brazilian, classic & Latin Jazz, the project's subject matter varies from the classic underground "verbal battle" to empathic odes of frustration and sadness glazed with the salvation of improving ones outer existence by working on the innerself. Avoiding musical cliches and categorisation this inventive music is deep and provocative and aimed at the thinking listener.


Alongside their work as Eyedentity Krishna and D have also produced tracks for local upcoming underground West Coast hip hop artists such As Hazsmat, Da Devious One, Subdivision and Medusa. Factor, Eternal Ra One an DJ Cass have collaborated on a track for the up and coming Underground female freestyle sensation Da Devious One called Verbal Essentials. The two also often collaborate with Wah Wah Watson on several projects for His website. As partners Rashid,Krishna and D are always producing for each other's solo projects. On the MELT label they have assisted with programming and sequencing as well as playing on a number of Airto and Flora's projects including Fourth World. They have co-composed tracks for AirtoÙs solo album Homeless, for FloraÙs album Speed of Light as well as contributing to her album called "Flora sings Milton Nascimiento", D also provided the vocals whilst Krishna rapped on Jose Neto's spectacular album Neto. They are touring the EYEDENTITY project live with Andre De Sntanna on bass, Sandro Rebel on Keys, Grecco Buratto on guitar, Sandro Feliciano on drums, Marcos "Gibi" Dos Santos on percussion and Chris "Bob NeckSnapp" Gamez on turntables. Eyedentity brought down the house with Airto Moreira and Wah Wah Watson on stage as their guests, proving that their live performances are every bit as polished and spectacular as their recording.

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Krishna Booker's touring with Sergio Mendez in 2006