Della Tamin

Cameroonian musician Della Tamin was born in 1970 and started learning guitar by watching the makosso artists Prince Eyango and the late Kotto Bass, who came from the same place as him, the Wouri region, and were his elders. This singer-songwriter and guitarist performs songs from his motherland and sings in his mother tongue, Medumba, as well as Duala, French and English. He played with the popular Les Sans Fronteirs band in Cameroon, recording an album, Missile 1. He has just finished recording his first album with South Africa-based MELT (see Della studied physics and chemistry at university in Cameroon and graduated as a civil technician. But music has always been his first love. He came to South Africa in October to further his music career - leaving his two sons with his sister. Apart from his own music, he is writing material for some South African artists and produced an album, arranging and playing guitar, for the group Akwatic. Early 2007 Della started recording a new studio album in Johannesburg.